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Thu Apr 22 13:16:14 BST 2010
Stunning Jaguar SS1 is expected to fetch up to £90,000 at the auction on April 27.
Wed Apr 21 16:38:56 BST 2010
More than half of drivers are dismayed by the cost of driving, while illegal drivers are also a
Wed Apr 21 16:38:10 BST 2010
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders expresses cause for optimism in automotive
Wed Apr 21 16:31:11 BST 2010
Yamaha's TMax, the original 'maxi-scooter', remains one of the best in the sector and a
Wed Apr 21 16:24:28 BST 2010
Latest version of the Seat Alhambra proves the MPV isn't dead, just lying low.
Wed Apr 21 16:23:04 BST 2010
The increasing complexity of lass on the latest cars inevitably means they cost more to replace.
Wed Apr 21 16:12:53 BST 2010
Volcanic mayhem inevitably overshadows a Jenson Button masterclass at the Chinese Grand Prix in
Wed Apr 21 16:11:29 BST 2010
The race in Shanghai as viewed by our F1 diarist Simon Arron.
Wed Apr 21 16:09:46 BST 2010
When is a Mercedes coupé not a coupé? When it's an estate.
Tue Apr 20 17:56:57 BST 2010
Under-used cars to be rented to local people who need short-term transport.
Mon Apr 19 17:27:05 BST 2010
Honest John suggests a pair of estate cars for carrying the offsprings' paraphernalia.
Mon Apr 19 17:21:24 BST 2010
Honest John clarifies the supply of right-hand drive Honda Jazz cars.
Mon Apr 19 17:17:16 BST 2010
Honest John advises on a car with a smaller engine that's easy to get in and to exit.
Mon Apr 19 17:11:30 BST 2010
Honest John explains why some Fiat diesels can take on a mind of their own due to particulate
Mon Apr 19 17:07:56 BST 2010
Honest John suggests a range of cars that seat up to seven people.
Mon Apr 19 17:02:24 BST 2010
Honest John advises on a replacement for a trusty, but rusty, Ford supermini.
Mon Apr 19 16:58:58 BST 2010
Honest John leaps to the defence of the Top Gear presenter.
Mon Apr 19 16:14:04 BST 2010
Honest John recommends a car for a rapidly growing family.
Mon Apr 19 16:13:17 BST 2010
Honest John responds to a £400-plus bill to rectify the DPF on a Peugeot.
Mon Apr 19 16:08:27 BST 2010
Honest John suggests treatments that will keep a Honda's paintwork in top condition.
Mon Apr 19 16:04:32 BST 2010
Honest John advises on the simplest in-car satnav systems.
Mon Apr 19 16:01:57 BST 2010
Honest John advises on whether Volkswagen's hatchback is a good used buy.
Mon Apr 19 15:59:00 BST 2010
Honest John responds to a reader who is horrified by new proposals to control the speed of cars.
Mon Apr 19 15:57:12 BST 2010
Honest John advises on an interesting car that's easy to maintain.
Mon Apr 19 13:15:27 BST 2010
Lotus claims its new 149g/km Elise is the sports car with a conscience, but is it still a hoot to